Shine Like A Diamond Consulting, LLC is an integrated program created by Stacey Benson-Taylor to help girls, teens and women discover their hidden talents, gifts, and purpose. 


Stacey uses a unique blend of humor, and straight-talk mixed with a deep passion for helping people, especially those that have been abused by life to discover that they are more than meets the eye...

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Stacey Benson-Taylor is the author of the highly anticipated book, Shine Like a Diamond.

Stacey D. Benson-Taylor is the Dayton Regional Director for AFSCME Ohio Council 8 for the 13 years, where she represents public employees. Stacey received an AAS in Paralegal Studies from Sinclair Community College, BA in Political Science from Wright State University, and Juris Doctorate from the University of Dayton School of Law. 


Her community involvement includes serving on the NAACP Executive Committee, the Miami Valley AFL-CIO Executive Board, MLK Inc., Community Engagement Committee, and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  Stacey is proud to have been a Community Activist for over 26 years.

"Once we realize that there is more to us than meets the eye, and accept that there is value to what we have to offer, we will throw away the invisible boxes and look for the perfect package to share all of our gifts. Remember, you are a diamond."

Who is Stacey Benson-Taylor?


The Diamond Philosophy

The Diamond Philosophy

You are More than Meets the Eye...

Most people never look at a piece of coal and think it will make a beautiful diamond, because in their final state they appear very different, yet they are made from the same natural element, carbon.  


We don’t admire the beauty of carbon or measure the brilliance of coal, yet there is more to a piece of coal than meets the eye, a diamond.  Diamonds are pieces of carbon, free from impurities and other minerals, that are formed under pressure and processed in extreme heat.  

Just like it may be hard to imagine coal and diamond forming from the same element, it is often hard for us to see and believe that there is more to us than meets the eye, 


The Diamond Philosophy is about embracing the diamonds hidden inside of you, and the process of mining those diamond, which at first looks like an ugly piece of coal, but in truth is unpolished diamonds.

Committed to Diamond-level Community Service

All my life I have been committed to serving my community and others.  This is accomplished by offering Diamond-Level Service to those whom I serve.  Embracing all of who you are and whom you want to be helps you and everyone around you truly see that there is more to you than meets the eye.  


We all wear many different hats and easily flow through the many responsibilities that fall on our shoulders, but when it comes to wearing an uncomfortable hat or playing a different role, we often struggle, because we can’t or don’t want to let go of “whom we think we are” or our “this is just who I am mentality”.  


Living a holistic life, allows us to shine in every area of our lives, including the areas where we didn’t expect it and others don’t either.   


Shining like a diamond is about shining bright no matter how people look at you and what they see.  This could be handing out bottles of water or being interviewed by the local news. 



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